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The Ripped to Shreds Power Report is endorsed by Dean Connor, one of the UK’s leading male fitness models.A�Having recently been awarded the official title ‘The best model body of 2012′A�by Miami Pro fitness magazineA�andA�with premiumessays.co.uk numerous other shoots and magazine features under his belt, he knows exactly how to get into fantastic shape and maintain a lean muscle bound physique all year round. A�


a�?This training and nutrition manual is a ‘must read’ for gym goers!A�If you want to double the impact and results of your training sessionsA�you should download this ebook before you next hit the gym! You will literally be blown away by its contents!!”


Dean Connor BSc,A�(Before & After)A�Fitness model, personal trainer & sponsored athlete with Relfex Nutrition


Hey there, thanks for visiting my website, my name is Shaun Petafi and I’m the author of the Ripped to Shreds Power Report.A�I dona��t know about you but I think wea��re all tired of being let down by useless products and information that don’t deliver their promises, especially those related to the health and fitness industry. The hype and build up justA�amplifiesA�the disappointment when the product falls well short of your expectations.

The truthA�is 95% of the downloadable information available on the internet is junk!A�On first impressions its almost impossible toA�separateA�the good quality products from the bad.A�A�I A�know because I was a victim of this myself! I spent the last 7 years of my life reading and trying most of the junk out there in the hope to find some information that would really help me be able to match my effort with the results I believed I deserved.

I have learnt that there are a lot of conflicting opinions and theories about training methods and fat lossA�‘what works for some doesn’t always work for others’. However, in my quest to find the answersA�I unearthed a few golden nuggetsA�of information that willA�really enhance the effects and results of your training in a big way.

These principles are tried and tested, they also deliver noticeable improvements relativelyA�quickly. I put all of my findings and research into a concise report and called itA�‘Ripped to Shreds’.A�The rest is history...A�when I launched my report I honestlyA�didn’tA�expect much at all butA�two weeks after it went online it went viral, I was totally stunned, it litterally spread like an epidemic. I couldn’t believe the responses I was getting from people that were putting my principles into practice. I then knew I had put together something really special!

“Like all good products my report created a buzz and got people talking. My website now receives hundreds of of hits per day. This is living proof that good news travels fast. Nearly all of my downloads have come by word of mouth.A�When you have a great product it sells itself!”

Shaun Petafi, (left) Author & body transformation expert