Advanced Fat Loss Strategies: Part 3

Cycling Carbs There are a lot of pros and cons to low carbohydrate (Ketogenic) diets. The general idea of limiting carbohydrate intake is to shift the body from burning carbohydrate (Glycogen) as a fuel source, and consequently switch over to its stubborn fat stores to fuel activity. This is because when insulin levels/blood sugar drop [...]

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Advanced Fat Loss Strategies: Part 2

Train Fasted buy glass pipes online The best time for doing cardio with intention of fat burning is first thing in the morning, whilst in a fasted state (before breakfast). This is because eating causes the body to produce insulin. Insulin directly interferes with the mobilisation of body fat. There is substantially cialis vision sildenafil [...]

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Advanced Fat Loss Strategies: Part 1

Only eat when you’re hungry Contrary to what you have been told by the media and the food industry, you do not need to eat 6 small meals a day and your body will not slow down if you don’t eat every 2-3 hours. We have been brainwashed to believe that each time you eat [...]

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Make pancake day every day! R2S Mega Protein Pancakes

Every once in a while you’ll stumble upon a recipe does bcbs cover viagra so good that you just have to bookmark it. This high-protein pancakes recipe is one of those women viagra recipes. Not only do these high-protein pancakes taste great, but 1 batch packs a whopping 88 The I larger body. Has hair [...]

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