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Aaron smyth 

‘I got lucky and got my hands on a copy of the R2S, I have to say when you read these workout and get fit books they’re normally a load of rubbish and preach about everything other than what you really  need to know! I went from 14.8% -3.1% in 12 weeks…It’s the ‘need to know’ facts about getting ripped … no bullshit…. Just proper info and great workouts throughout!’

Dean Connor 

‘Losing 50lbs of fat and 8″ off your waste-line is a piece of cake if you know how, if you don’t forget about it! I’ve gone from looking like a Jacamo model to a front cover fitness model. I know how it feels to be fat and out of shape. If I can do it anyone can, you just need to be shown the right way!’


Stephen Box Mister International Great Britain 2012

“I 100% believe in the Ripped to Shreds programme. As a University Graduate in Sports Performance, I support the advice and information on diet and training. I have personally tried the anabolic fasting protocol like the programme suggests and found I lost half an inch around my waist and gained half and on my chest and an inch around my shoulders. AF is great for gaining lean mass, stripping fat but also helped me maintain strength and energy levels, I would defiantly recommend reading this report!”

Eamonn Mizele
“I train 5 days a week, I try and eat right and getting the most out of my body is paramount to me. After reading Ripped to Shreds I now understand what I need to do to take my training and nutrition to the next level. Minor changes can make a big difference to me in my sport. Every advantage counts. This report is the best thing I’ve come across in relation to nutrition, training and fat loss”
Matthew Hands
It was the skipping breakfast idea that initially grabbed my attention and lead me to download the R2S report. This idea is so controversial and it goes against everything i’ve ever been told about training and nutrition.  It’s also good to know that #TeamRIPPED @ripped2shreds are always there to answer your questions and support your goals too.
Thanks Guys, Matty